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  • Rings: Azure Floral Cocktail Ring
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  • Rings: Kathakali Mudra Statement Ring
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  • Rings: Sparkling Kathakali Pallavi Ring
  • Rings: Princess of Wales Engagement Ring
  • Rings: Princess of Wales Cocktail Ring Beige
  • Rings: Princess of Wales Pretty Pink Ring
  • Rings: Princess of Wales Cocktail Ring
  • Rings: Princess of Wales Classy Red Ring
  • Rings: Princess of Wales Diva Ring
  • Rings: Princess of Wales Classy Ring
  • Rings: Princess of Wales StarStruck Ring
  • Rings: Princess of Wales Cocktail Ring Ruby Red
  • Rings: Princess of Wales Solitaire Wonder Ring Ruby Red

Buy Designer Women Rings Online

Rings have always been one of the simplest pieces of jewelry that have carried its aura since medieval times. They are one of those few accessories that allow one to be extravagant without seeming distasteful. Engagements rings in fact happen to be a multi million business that goes to reflect the kind of significance it holds. One of the more popular trends these days happens to be vintage engagement rings which are a throwback to Yesteryear showcasing large upper portion.

Voylla holds a healthy collection for the same including gold plated classy floral design Womens ring that has a combination of various colors for its embellished sparkling stonework offering gold, green, maroon and white. This would match with a much more traditional outfit while for modern outfits as well, if matched suitably can give a pleasant look as well. If you are looking for a much more contemporary alternative, then rings with stainless steel finish in two tones would be a much better option that is available with both gold plating and silver plating.

Clusters are another pattern for rings that has been a popular choice among the younger audience with distinctive floral designs in colors of green, brown, black and silver. They certainly standout and give you a signature look. Then there are more conservative options in single stone rings that offer Cubic Zirconia stones in the middle in various colors including tea rose, green, glimmering maroon or other variations of it.

These rings may not be an alternative for cheap wedding rings or eternity rings or even wedding rings sets but are right up the alley for anyone looking to mix and match for parties or similar outdoor activities of similar themes. As a cheaper alternative for gold finger rings or silver rings, Voylla offers all of the mentioned above designs in gold and silver plating. There are plenty of Engagement ring designs to choose from Voylla that are traditional and modern.

The studded floral ring with red ensemble at corners and a gold plated exterior represents the former of the two and is apt for teaming up with a likewise outfit of ghagra choli or sarees. For accessorizing a modern part dress, the sterling silver brass ring with gold plating would be ideal offering sparkling white gemstones on the top.