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Franchising: An opportunity

  1. Globally there are over 9,00,000 franchisee outlets, with sale exceeding couple of trillion of dollars
  2. Franchisee comprises of about 3% of the total retailing activated in India ,and growing at a rate of 25- 30% YOY.
  3. Great potential ,as this industry is at a very nascent stage
  4. 90% Success rate.

Branded fashion jewellery retail - A sure way to success

  1. One of the fastest growing category.
  2. Quality concious Indian consumer looking for allregy free, trendy and stylish branded jewelery.
  3. Branded jewelery offers wide range of selection and exclusive designs.

What is franchisee & how does it work?

When you're considering starting your own business, you have a choice of starting from scratch, buying an existing business, or looking at a business opportunity like a franchise. Owning and operating a franchise can be as much work as other options, and it can also be quite profitable.

When you buy a franchisee, you are buying the right to use specific trademark or business concept. While you own the business it's operation is governed by the terms franchisee agreement. The chief benefit of franchisee you are able to capitalize on business format, trade name and support systems provided by the franchiser.

A franchise provides an established product or service which already enjoys widespread brand name .

The broad line is that franchising allows people to go into the business for themselves, not by themselves.

Why franchisee for voylla brands

  1. Fastest growing fashion jewellery brand.
  2. 150 retail touch point.
  3. Extremely trendy designs.
  4. Strong brand recall.
  5. Low Start Up cost: Fashion Jewelry Franchisee business requires a Low Start Up.
  6. Less working capital requirement: It is a unique business model where the cost of working capital is considerably low against investment in inventory compared in other product categories

Advantages of being a franchisee vs starting own business
Parameters Franchisee Own Business
Risk Involved Much lower failure rate because it is a proven business concept where most of the kinks have already been worked out. Very High risk of Failure, due to lesser experience, professionalism & open to Competition.
Brand Strength Franchisee is born with the power of a Brand. He has the buying power of the entire network. Absolutely no brand strength since it is a generic product & has no value attached.
Business Processes Franchisees get various proven systems including financials, ongoing training and development; sales and marketing assistance; inventory management etc. Completely new & no experience venture, hit & trial method.
Customer awareness Benefits of customer awareness which would ordinarily take years to establish. Zero consumer awareness at the onset.
Advertising & Promotion Benefit from any national or regional ad and promotional campaigns from the franchisor It would cost you a great deal to develop these materials on ones own.
The Package Includes trademarks, easy access to an established product; a proven marketing method; equipment; inventory. The Owner has to run pin to post to assemble the requisites.
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