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I am ready to Invest Rs. 2.lacs for Voylla Dealers
I am ready to Invest upto Rs.20 lacs for Voylla Distributor / Master Dealer

Join the voylla dealership programme. today!

  1. Voylla, India’s No.1 fashion jewelry brand with a diversified network of over 130 retail points and an omni-channel presence across the country, offers a unique Dealership Programme.
  2. We provide an alliance that goes far beyond the traditional dealer agreement. We believe dealers are our foundation and we are committed to providing personalised support with exclusive and designer product lines to enhance your business like never before.
  3. Every Member of the Voylla Dealership Programme contributes to the success of the Brand in a number of ways. Some will promote products and services that we offer, others will provide them.

The voylla difference

  1. Branded Dealers.
  2. Join a well-respected No.1 Brand with a network that is large enough to bring you the advantages of buying power and prestigious partnerships, yet compact enough so that you are never lost in the shuffle.
  3. As a member of our network, you are part of an extremely inspired team that is competitive and innovative while delivering products and services. Whether we meet in person, online or on phone, you will know you are an important part of this team. Your voice is heard, your input respected and considered.
  4. Plus, we’ll give you best of our products and services you need to make your business thrive.
  5. We are proud of what we do. And we’d like to share it with you.

A great mix of Products and Marketing

Voylla dealers enjoy proprietary Colors Navrang collection promoted jointly with Colors TV channel & exclusive Studio Voylla line known for its unique designs and marvellous craftsmanship supported by 360 degree marketing and product launch programmes, including contests, special offers and schemes.

Consumer choice and value = loyalty

With a brand symbol of Voylla, is it any wonder that we are big on loyalty? Voylla Branded Dealers benefit from large pool major loyal customer base.

We make the cash registers ring louder

Retail is fast moving. You need a reliable Brand and its System to help you stay ahead of your competitors. As a Voylla Branded Dealer you benefit from trend-setting exclusive product lines with Point-of-Sale & Branding materials coupled with trained local sales teams ready to serve and support you. You also enjoy the support of a robust back end client servicing team to help and resolve all your queries 365 days of the year to ensure you have all the information you need to operate at peak efficiency.

Stay up-to-date, 24X7

You get the latest news and information about Voylla promotions, contests and initiatives in addition to new product launches through our local distributors and sales team and from our internal website and our mobile apps.

At Voylla, we have what you need to succeed.

Get started

  1. As a Distributor you will facilitate the reach of Voylla brand products & service to dealers across the territory. As a Voylla Distributor Partner, you play a very significant role in the availability and reach of Voylla brand products.
  2. As Distributor Partner you will work in close co-ordination with the Brand.
  3. Our Distributors are an extension of Brand Voylla, in their defined territory to match market presence.
  4. Applicable incoming leads and sales will be forwarded or accredited accordingly.
  5. Heavy emphasis on joint sales and marketing.
  6. Master Dealers are authorised to sign up approved resellers and dealers in their territory.
  7. First right of refusal for any sub-trade required.

Channel partners/Dealers

  1. A dealer is involved primarily in selling Voylla brand products to the ultimate consumer. Brand products are delivered to dealers through the distributor of the respective territory. Since the dealer is always an authorised entity, he or she enjoys the benefit of brand association by receiving marketing support, incentives etc. apart from exclusive products.
  2. Optimistic model as Fashion Jewelry is witnessing high demand.
  3. Growth being in preliminary stage offers great opportunity.
  4. Low start up cost & reduced inventory risk.
  5. High turnover with higher earnings due to brand recognition.

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