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  • Earrings: Rajputana Alloy Earrings Embellished with Perfectly Cut Kundan Gems
  • Rings: Rajputana Statement Ring with Unblemished Kundan Gems
  • Necklaces: Regal Rajputana Choker Embellished with Pearls and Kundan
  • Earrings: Rajputana Kundan Floral Stud Earrings with Gold Plating
  • Necklaces: Kundan Studded Rajputana Choker with a Classic Design
  • Earrings: Rajputana Kundan Drop Earrings with Yellow Gold Plating
  • Necklaces: Gold Plated Rajputana Kundan and Pearls Choker
  • Necklaces: Rajputana Kundan Floral Choker with Gold Plating
  • Necklaces: Rajputana Kundan Drop Choker with Pearl Strands