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  • Earrings: Embellished Oddball Set Earrings with Yellow Gold Plating
    Rs. 1,549
  • Necklaces: Oddball Between Your Ears Detachable Stud and Chain Set
    Rs. 2,399
  • Rings: Gold Plated Oddball Rectangular Sun Block Finger Ring for Women
    Rs. 449
  • Necklaces: Gold Plated Oddball Edge Illusion Necklace for Women
    Rs. 1,399
  • Rings: Oddball Gold Plated Double-Finger Ring
    Rs. 1,349
  • Earrings: Gold Plated Oddball Boxed Earrings with Pearls
    Rs. 799
  • Earrings: Beautiful Oddball Bagatelle Earrings with Pearls and Gold Plating
    Rs. 399
  • Earrings: Designer Oddball Bagatelle Earrings with Pearl Embellishments
    Rs. 499
  • Earrings: Oddball Bagatelle Earrings with White Pearls and Gold Plating
    Rs. 599
  • Earrings: Oddball Beaten Gold Crescent Earrings with Yellow Gold Plating
    Rs. 799
  • Rings: The Oddball Ring with Gold Plating and Pearl
    Rs. 449
  • Necklaces: Oddball Knuckle Up! Gold Plated Necklace
    Rs. 224
  • Earrings: Edgy Oddball Earrings with Brilliant Gold Plating
    Rs. 299
  • Bracelets: The Oddball Curved Cuff with Pearl Embellishments
    Rs. 549
  • Earrings: Yellow Gold Plated Oddball Fine Lines Earrings
    Rs. 274