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  • Earrings: Falaknuma Chandeliers of Diamonds Drop Earrings
  • Earrings: Falaknuma Red Dotted Chandeliers Drop Earrings
  • Bracelets: Falaknuma Palatial Splendor Yellow Gold Plated Cuff Bracelet
  • Nose Rings & Pins: Falaknuma Pure As Pearls Gold Plated Nath Nose Pin
  • Earrings: Falaknuma Pretty Lotus Buds Studded Drop Earrings
  • Hath Phool: Falaknuma It’s All In The Stars Gold Plated Hathphool
  • Anklets: Falaknuma Pearls and Glitters Traditional Anklet
  • Nose Rings & Pins: Falaknuma Dainty Delight Nath Nose Pin
  • Anklets: Falaknuma All That Glitters Artistic Anklet
  • Bracelets: Falaknuma Royal  Strings Emeralds and Pearls Bracelet
  • Maang Tika: Falaknuma Flowers and Pearls Exquisite Maang Teeka
  • Rings: Falaknuma Red and Gold Teardrop Party Ring
  • Earrings: Falaknuma Fiery Princess Silver and Brass Studs
  • Hath Phool: Falaknuma Flowers and Pearls Luxury Hath Phool For Women
  • Maang Tika: Falaknuma Nawabi Delight Green, White and Gold Passa